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HAWAII born & raised

currently in CT.

Even when you’re grey…

Not the driver seat selfie ah? #matchymatch w/ @lowkeyleilaxo
Work bound & half baked, whoopsie.😆




A Beautiful World


Pretty honored to have met @kamathesurfingpig & his baby KJ.💕 (at Shmandy’s)

Grandma Bella, sorry it took me so long to come visit you & sorry for crying so much. I miss you.

In love w/Chinaman’s hat.
& it’s final I’m buying me a goddamn boat.

#ss happy Shasta. (at Chinaman’s Hat)

This just in from Berry. & I wish I was right beside that faka. Can’t wait till Autumn really really kicks in. #sadfacesunday (at Devil’s Hopyard State Park)

I think I know now how come Connor gets so chunky hahaha his bestie Jake always spoiling him w/treats.