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HAWAII born & raised

currently in CT.

Everyone at my job at the aquarium is so fucking annoying all of a sudden. Like, shut up. They talk way too fucken much.

I can’t wait to get outta here.

I requested yesterday off so I could go to the DMV to request a new title for my Subaru because someone lost it. [berry] but the DMV is closed on Mondays. Anyways,

I ran some errands. Finally bought that little bag to put my bra’s in to keep nice in the washer & I bought some clothes pins so I can hang some of my clothes to prevent them from shrinking. & I bought some chips too.

Then I went & did laundry & called Berry to meet me for lunch. I told him to meet me at the subway by the laundromat & when he got there he revved his engine & I just immediately looked up & walked over hahaaha! I didn’t know he was there, I was scrolling on my phone but I liked it. I liked how he did that knowing I’ll totally catch on to it & make my way over. Lunch was great.

I finished laundry after that while Berry went home to work on the Subaru so we can sell it!

After laundry was taken care of I left Berry home & went to the beach.

The beach, my god was great. Refreshing. Just what I needed. Kinda pissed that the weather on the weekends are shit but during the week days it’s great for the beach.

Then I met up w/Berry again for another car show at ocean beach. Pretty board walk there. Pretty cars too!

Then we got home & made mashed potatoes & country fried steak. Yummy yummy.

& now I’m at work, thinking about being home in hawai’i.


Through the glass.

Photo: Trent Mitchell

I like this place.

Went to Yantic falls today to sit & eat hougie’s.

Jessica is on vacay at the outer banks, duck, NorthCarolina. I miss her. Actually, I just wish I was w/her & her family because I love them.

Went on a little trail today that had a bunch of cool stuff to play on.


das it


"this ground smells really.. JUST KIDDING CHECK DIS BITCHES"

I’m only now starting breakfast.

But I’ve been so stuck on Dexter lately. Still on season 1 but so in love hahaha.